New Pegasus Address

Comunicat Pegasus

We would like to notice you that, starting with the 18th of August 2008, Pegasus has a new site in Bucharest.

The new address is no.20, Tamas str., Buftea, Ilfov, 070000, inside Rombiz logistic park

The office in Bufteais situated in the north of Bucharest, with the main access through national road DN1A Bucharest – Targoviste
Why a new depot for Pegasus ?
  • To maintain the high level quality of the services offerred along the increasing parcel volume
  • The necessity of developing a new hub for the domestic and international network with efficient access to all the country areas and the center of the capital in the same time
  • The future developing plan of investment includes the launching of a new hub in Bucharest with a surface of 1500 m2 and a sorting capacity of 8000 parcels per day
  • The new site will enjoy all the performant tehnologies of the DPD system

The opening of the Buftea site is part of the development plan of the Pegasus network and establishing the new operational structure based on the DPD system. The need for bigger operational space is conected with the new sorting role of the depot as well as the growing number of parcels.

Pegasus Express Center, the site in Iancului str., no.13 will be maintained for local deliveries.

Contact Pegasus
Tel. +40 801 020202